MRR Ventures
MRR.Ventures is a group of startup operators who acquire, hold and grow SaaS projects smaller than $20k per month in MRR. 

ūü•Ā The big news ūü•Ā
We completed a slew of milestones this week. 

  • Refactored our SSL certs, completing all items in our "Stabilize" theme ¬†
  • Transferred the very last accounts over from seller, completing our "Transition" theme
  • Cleared out the support queue - Inbox Zero!¬†
  • Completed 2-year audit of customer cancellation reasons ("churn reason analysis.")¬†
  • Setup Google Optimizely & have 1st experiment running¬†

We're now 50% complete our integration plan. As a reminder, our 5 themes were: 

‚úď Transition¬†
‚úď Stablize¬†
ūüĎČInstrument & Deep Dive¬†
‚ėź Optimize¬†
‚ėź Experiment & Steady State¬†
Knowledge transfer has been an important element in taking over from the previous owner. This includes the obvious technical aspects
How to restart services
  • Known product issues
Beyond that, it's proven very helpful to focus on the "why" of certain product and marketing decisions:
  • why prioritize one feature over another
  • why focus on email builder vs email sending as core product functionality¬†
Some possible reasons "why" a (potentially obvious) could include:  
  • "Hadn't gotten around to it",¬†
  • "Didn't have the right skills/resources to accomplish it",¬†
  • "Not enough hours of the day",¬†
  • "Look, Game of Thrones was on and it was a cultural touch stone and..."

All good reasons for doing it now.

On the other hand, if the reason a feature hadn't been added was "We tried that, it led to a negative outcome", that's a different story. 

It's always easy to plow in to a new situation, assume everyone who came before you was an idiot, and go do the "obvious" thing. It's a lot more nuanced once you get into the weeds...
How you can help
Do you know anyone that publishes a newsletter? I would be supremely grateful for introductions to regular authors to gather feedback on their workflow. 

Reply back to this email ( and let us know!¬† ūüôŹ