MRR Ventures
MRR.Ventures is a group of startup operators who acquire, hold and grow SaaS projects smaller than $20k per month in MRR. 

Trundling along
Work continues to progress as we shore up key product areas and work on acquisition.

  • Of the CAD$500 we've spent on ads so far, we've ended up at a $10 blended signup (paid/organic). 
  • Of the various ad groups running, we have everything from $3/signup to $20/signup. 
  • The best performing ad group was the one paid signup resulted in both the lowest CPA, as well as a conversion to paid 
  • Removing India from the ad groups seemed to decrease non-performing traffic. 
  • Lots of room for improvement still, as ad quality scores are still low (<3) 

  • We've been under heavy spambot attack, which has had a major effect on signups. We've added a honeypot to trap the bots. Looks like there's one legitimate signup for every 6 - 7 bot signups. 
  • We shipped a major feature refactor in the image previewer element, which had been the culprit to a high number of support requests.

How you can help
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