MRR Ventures
MRR.Ventures is a group of startup operators who acquire, hold and grow SaaS projects smaller than $20k per month in MRR. 

🥁 The big news 🥁
Our first annual plan! Yeah!
Adding annual plans had been a major feature we wanted to add going into this acquisition. What we didn't know is that users were asking for it too!
In SaaS, collecting 12 months of revenue up front is magical for cashflow, and can enable you to grow faster by re-investing into the business at what is effectively 0% interest. It can also reduce churn (assuming a users Lifetime Value (LTV) on a monthly plan is lower than the annual price, and there's an appropriate refund policy in place). 

Adding a yearly option alongside your monthly plan will improve your cash flow immediately...
For now we'll be rolling out annual billing for users on an individual basis, and expect to release the capability on our marketing site for self-service signup soon.
How you can help
Do you know anyone that publishes a newsletter? I would be supremely grateful for introductions to regular authors to gather feedback on their workflow. 

Reply back to this email ( and let us know!  🙏