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💸The quiet hum of recurring billings 💸
We remarked this week that things were pretty quiet at Goodbits. There were a few a handful of support tickets which came in, a few customer interview notes posted, and otherwise the only "bings" from Slack were the steady drip of subscriptions being charged.

This. Is. Awesome. 

There's no crisis, no panic, no outage, nothing that requires a "stop everything and put out this fire" attitude, which is exactly as it should be. The systems and processes are all stabilized, and the team is working towards relaunching in the next 90 days.

That is until the call notes & recording of a customer interview hit the system.

BLAMO! It was a massive jolt of energy to hear and really feel the emotion in the users voice. 

As a result of this one customer interview: 
  • Dev team got fired up and started working on a few "quick win" features that came up
  • Success got fired up and started working on a global email to all customers saying "We care"

🚨Biggest pain point?🚨

 "The last few months have been very frustrating, and getting anything fixed on this has been very frustrating. Just being able to have people listen to it is hugely appreciated"

It's a great reminder that sometimes, you don't need to ship a feature, give a discount, or squash a bug. Sometimes you just need to make your customers feel heard.

How you can help
Do you know anyone that publishes a newsletter? I would be supremely grateful for introductions to regular authors to gather feedback on their workflow. 

Reply back to this email ( and let us know!  🙏